Yoga Workshops

The benefits of yoga are well known by now. We offer half and full day unique yoga workshops for your team in wich we can guarantee they will have loads of fun and learn techniques to increase their wellbeing, happiness and resilience.


Speed Yoga

Try different types of Yoga during a half or full day workshop experience. This is a great workshop for larger teams in which we will rotate groups of participants through 3, 4 or 5 different yoga experiences during the day or half day.

In our most popular yoga workshop your team will get to experience a full range of yoga techniques. Trying something new is a great way of coming together as a team and fantastic way to learn and grow, whilst having fun. Breathing techniques, meditation, power yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga, desk yoga are just some of the different types of yoga your team can try out in this energetic and unique workshop. Our experienced teachers will guide each group through a tailored yoga session to ensure that everyone in the group can join in. We can guarantee that your team will finish the day feeling energized and full of energy, having learnt something new about themselves and their wellbeing.


Get Fit Where You Sit

Learn how to maximise your physical health whilst working in an office based environment.

This educational and fun filled workshop, will  teach  you  office based fitness routines you can do anywhere at any  time, how to avoid ‘Office  Syndrome’ including  a  focus  on  reducing back,  neck  and  joint  pain, how to maximise your metabolism during the day, breathing  techniques  for stress  reduction  and  the  most up  to date ergonomics advice.  We can also guarantee you will have loads of fun!