Wellness & Happiness Workshops for Your Team

Statistics show that the phenomenon of 'Presenteeism' is caused primarily by poor health and stress. It costs a company more money to have checked-out employees come to work than if they were to just stay at home. The good news is that it is possible to learn how to THRIVE in any environment maximizing your performance, your health, and your happiness. We can provide organisations with a variety of Corporate Wellness workshops including the most popular ones listed below. If you don’t see the subject, you are looking for below let us know and we can either tailor make a workshop for you or link you with one of our strategic wellness partners who are experts in the area of interest to you. Contact us today to kick start your journey to a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.


From Stressed to Best

Learn how to increase resilience, performance and emotional intelligence and reduce stress through understanding the power of the mind and how to train it.

Learn  how  to  increase  resilience, performance  and  emotional intelligence and  reduce  stress  through understanding the power of the mind and how to train it. The latest research suggests that we are off-task 47% of the time whilst at work. This leads to a decline in overall performance including poor communication, missed  deadlines,  poor  decision  making  and  increased  stress.  Through  learning  techniques  to  train  the mind,  we  can  focus effectively,  become  aware  of  the  power  of  mindsets,  understand,  and  manage  our stress  triggers  and  increase  our  quality  of  life,  inside and outside  of  work.  The  trained  mind  is  powerful, focused, and calm and can perform at high levels no matter what life throws at you.


Happiness at Work

Learn research base proven techniques to increase your happiness, health, wellness, and performance, inside and outside of work.

Techniques from positive psychology, mindfulness and mindset science are introduced during the session and all the techniques we teach can be continued by individuals after the session without our guidance.  Our techniques are practical and tailored to your life inside and outside of work. We promise won’t teach you anything fluffy or spiritual. We promise that after the workshop you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of what happiness is (and is not), how it can be increased and how you can get more of it at work.


Productivity Pro

Learn how to think and work productively to sustain maximum energy, focus and performance at work without giving up or burning out and still have energy for your friends and family.

Do you already have proven productivity techniques that allow you to plan your days, weeks, and years to ensure you exceed your objectives whilst maintaining your quality of life? If not this workshop is for you. Being productive is also about ‘thinking productively’ and you will learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and mindsets that are holding you back in addition to the most up to date productivity techniques. Say goodbye to procrastination and stress, say hello to achieving everything you ever set out to do and feeling at your best during the journey.


Get Fit Where You Sit

Learn how to maximise your physical health whilst working in an office based environment.

This educational and fun filled workshop, will  teach  you  office based fitness routines you can do anywhere at any  time, how to avoid ‘Office  Syndrome’ including  a  focus  on  reducing back,  neck  and  joint  pain, how to maximise your metabolism during the day, breathing  techniques  for stress  reduction  and  the  most up  to date ergonomics advice.  We can also guarantee you will have loads of fun!