Mindfulness for Organisations - Mindfulness for Individuals - Public Mindfulness Programs

Our sister company, Mindfulness Dubai pioneered teaching mindfulness and meditation to organisations in the UAE. Learn mindfulness with Emma Carbery, who has delivered hundreds of programs to organisations and the public in the UAE.

We are passionate about helping individuals thrive and reach their full potential at work and in life. We also believe that it is possible to maintain your well-being, optimism, confidence & happiness even when faced with the busiest and most challenging work environments. Our Mindfulness training programs fir organisations and individuals, focus on developing Wellbeing, Performance & Happiness through a combination of Mindfulness and attention training practices, Mindset Science, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Productivity techniques.  The techniques you will learn are backed by Neuroscience and are proven to change the way you work and how you feel, inside and outside of work. Our comprehensive mindfulness programs are delivered by our sister company, Mindfulness Dubai. Either contact us here to find out more or visit Mindfulness Dubai directly.