The Program that Gets Your Entire Oganisation Moving

Why it’s needed

  • We are sitting for more hours per day now than at any time in history.

  • Our cities are designed mostly for cars and our culture encourages a lack of movement.

  • Our sedentary lifestyle is making us ill and lifestyle diseases are on the rise.

  • Back and neck pain, headaches, and joint problems are commonplace at the office.

  • Office syndrome is impacting our health, happiness and productivity.


How it Works

  • Our experienced trainers will work with small groups of people in your office and teach them a set of techniques to alleviate and prevent the symptoms of Office Syndrom, with a focus on back and neck pain.

  • Each technique is designed to be practiced in the office and to take no longer than 2 minutes so that participants can fit these techniques effortlessly into their working day.

  • We conduct these 45 minute sessions either in the open plan office, or if you prefer, in a meeting room.

  • This isn’t a yoga class, we work with everyone in your office, so that your team and your organisation gets maximum benefit from the program.

  • The program is supported with a full communications campaign.

  • An optional video can also be made as an additional support to the program, which can then be hosted on your intranet, so that the Get Fit Where You Sit program can be accessed at any time.